We're electropuppy and we supply download cards for independent creators to sell their digital stuff. This means authors can sell ebooks at conventions and in real world bookstores. Musicians can sell their albums at gigs without having to carry around heavy boxes of CDs (lets face it who still buys CDs anyway?) and automatically get eco-cred for not contributing to more plastic being created.

So, by purchasing an electropuppy download card from an author or musician, you're not only supporting them, but you're also supporting independently owned bookshops, music stores and other retail outlets that are being added to our network of awesome sales partners every day.

Creators: If you want to know more about how we do business and find out how little it costs, drop an email to hello@electropuppy.com and we'll get straight back to you.

Retailers: If you want to be one of our awesome sales partners, send an email to hello@electropuppy.com and we'll tell you how. We'll also put you in touch with other sellers so you can find out first hand how easy it is.



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